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Field & Stream Online Editors

Easy Detection
A Skip’s Original Turn-On strike indicator is everything a strike indicator should be. It goes on the line with a simple twist and comes off just as easily. It can be quickly repositioned without removing weights or retying flies, and it’s reusable. The foam body floats high, and two fluorescent colors (one lighter, one darker) makes the indicator highly visible in glare or shadows. A strike indicator is supposed to make nymph fishing easier. Not all do–but this one does. About $6 for a package of four. Call Angler’s Engineering at 800-752-7132.–Dave Hurteau

** Target Practice**
Shove the goalpost-shaped target holder into the ground, slide a piece of cardboard into the uprights, slap on a target, and you’re ready to shoot. Birchwood Casey’s Portable Shooting Range sets up in no time and works beautifully for sighting in, patterning shotguns, and informal target practice. The range comes with a target stand, one durable sheet of corrugated plastic, and eight of Birchwood Casey’s wonderful ShootoNoC targets. About $30. 800-328-6156;–Philip Bourjaily