Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

**Retrieve With Ease **
Finding your dog will no longer be a mystery with the Sport 65 BPR training collar with hawk screech from Tri-Tronics. The collar features a remote that allows you to adjust the levels of both momentary and continuous stimulation. Best of all, it has a beep or hawk screech that activates when your dog goes on point. The hawk screech helps keep wild birds from flushing until you get within range and is audible for 1/2 mile. Price: $388. 800-456-4343; B. Mathiesen

** High Standards Of Safety**
The Sentry Group has added a whole line of gun safes designed to meet the new stringent California firearms safety requirements. Model R3911 (shown) features a pry-resistant, 5-millimeter-thick, solid-steel door, five steel live-locking bolts, a three-number combination lock, a hardened steel plate that protects the lock from drilling, concealed hinges, bolt-down hardware, and a maximum storage capacity of up to 14 long guns. The safe measures 8.5 cubic feet and ranges in cost from $380 to $400, depending on interior options. 716-381-4900; L. White