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** The Natural Look **
Great for trout fishing, the new Fluoroflex Plus is a tough, supple, and nearly invisible (in water) flyfishing tippet. More supple than other fluorocarbon lines, Fluoroflex Plus allows for exceptionally natural floats and fly appearance. It is highly abrasion resistant, with good knot strength and impressive breaking strength (5X is 5 pounds). Available in 30-yard spools from 7X to 0X. Price: $12.95. From Rio Products. % 208-524-7760; Schultz

Rx for Eyes
Frustrated by cheap polarized clip-ons because you have a prescription or need bifocals? Chris Vogler of C-Sports Optical in St. Louis, Missouri, will custom fit and tint Costa Del Mar polarized fishing glasses with KBCO or Bell Optics photochromic lenses. These lenses change shading with light intensity, allowing you to fish midday as well as in low light. Graduating and nonline specially placed bifocals are available. Most prescriptions cost around $375; manufacturing time is approximately two to three weeks. % 314-963-7567; -Peter B. Mathiesen