Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

** Curing The Shakes**
There is no shakier shooting position than sitting in a tree stand with nothing but your hand waving out there in the breeze. Stony Point’s Gun Swinger can help-a lot. It’s a lightweight aluminum L-bar that attaches to any tree stand without tools, and cradles your rifle’s fore-end in a Y rest. It pivots silently on nylon bearings and costs $39.95. 507-354-3360;

** Splash Of Color **
Hooks designed to actually attract fish are a new wrinkle from Wright & McGill/Eagle Claw. When used in building bait rigs for walleye fishing, for example, these fluorescent octopus-style hooks can boost your score. The Pro Series L7226 American-made hooks also have potential for everything from crappies to steelhead when appropriately rigged. Available in black pearl, orange, glow, red, and chartreuse finishes. Sizes 8 through 2/0 in all colors; sizes 10 through 6/0 in black pearl only. About $4.50 to $6.50 per 25-pack, depending on size and color. 800-628-0108;