Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

** Have A Field Day**
Want true upland misery? Forget briers; try a pheasant hunt amid soggy cornstalks or tall, dew-soaked grass on a cool morning. Columbia’s Omni-Tech Upland Jacket works like armor against wet cover. Made from Omni-Tech Storm Dry, a lightweight nylon with a waterproof, breathable coating, this waist-length jacket will keep you dry, not overheated. It has two large front pockets backed with lined hand-warmer pockets; underarm zippers provide added ventilation. A roomy gamebag loads from the front or back. About $120. In blaze/flax or Mossy Oak Break-Up, sizes S¿¿¿4XL. 800-547-8066; Bourjaily

** Get Even**
My yard was recently reclaimed from a horde of bloodthirsty pests with the Coleman Mosquito Deleto System. The Trap is a portable backyard device that lures mosquitoes with an attractant, while burning propane fuel emits carbon dioxide designed to imitate a human’s body-heat profile. The mosquitoes fly to their annihilation on the replaceable sticky trap (a visual delight). A small Inhibitor unit, placed closer to you, disperses a repellent that interferes with the bugs’ molecular senses, keeping them away. Suggested retail: $199. 800-835-3278; B. Mathiesen