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Field & Stream Online Editors

** After You Get the Bird¿¿¿ **

You have to field dress it, and the Browning game shears¿¿¿knife combination will equip you to process anything from woodcock to ostrich. (Breast the woodcock; take the thigh meat on the ostrich.) The tools are made of stainless steel and elastomer, and if given reasonable care, will last longer than you will. In addition, the shears function as a jar opener, nutcracker, lid lifter, and screwdriver. Suggested retail: $50. % 800-456-6021;
-David E. Petzal ** Ray of Light**

Voted best new product at the 2002 AMO show, the Matrix archery sight features vertical pins for a superior sight picture and patent-pending Nitro Lights. This Pope and Young¿¿¿legal technology is similar to the light sticks used by the military, is fives times brighter than tritium, and avoids the halo effect of LED lights. Available in 3- and 5-pin models in Realtree or Mossy Oak. Price: $117 or $125, depending on model. % 406-338-7781;
-Bill Heavey