This week's featured gear includes the G. Loomis new graphite spinnerbait and crankbait rods and Primos' Hootchie Mama elk call.

Field & Stream Online Editors

Light Touch
G. Loomis recently introduced a new line of one-piece graphite spinnerbait and crankbait rods for the highly specialized bass angler. The seven spinnerbait models are tough, with extra-fast tips, and range from 51/2 feet to 7 feet 2 inches. The eight crankbait models feature flexibility with powerful butt sections and moderate actions, and range from 61/4 feet to 71/2 feet. From $175 to $210. 800-662-8818; www.gloomis.com.
Ken Schultz

** It’s the Sound that Counts**
Bull elk have become overly sensitive to bugling, so most elk hunters have added cow calls to their repertoire. Trouble is, when an 800-pound bull is slobbering and moaning 30 yards away, mouths are apt to go dry and mouth calls stick. Enter Primos’ Hootchie Mama, a hand-operated call that makes the high-to-low mew of a cow to perfection. The high segment of the call can be lengthened by twisting the barrel, thereby rendering a lost-cow call; a hole in the rubber bellows-covered by the thumb during use-prevents the call from sounding off by accident. About $30. 800-523-2395; www.primos.com.
Lionel Atwill