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Field & Stream Online Editors

** Rack and Roll **
Keep your gear securely stored atop your car or truck with the rugged Thule rooftop box. Perfect for any outdoor excursion, the Mountaineer model features impact- and UV-resistant ABS construction and measures 17 cubic feet (91.5×28.2×16.6 inches). The box mounts easily onto factory-installed rack systems, has a central locking system, and is secured in place by two quick-mounting levers that enable the unit to move forward and back for optimum positioning. Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up ($500) or black ($339). From Thule Car Rack Systems. % 800-238-2388;

-Daria Gionta **World’s Smartest Cleaning Kit **
The Otis Elite gun-cleaning kit will pull the grunge out of all firearms, from .117 caliber through 10 gauge. Using a coated cable to pull a universal patch from breech to muzzle, the Otis system prevents crud from being pushed into the action. Beautifully made with 16 brass bore brushes, brass cleaning picks, patches, solvents, bore reflector, and instructions, this kit will keep all your firearms factory fresh. A small, portable kit for field use is also included. By far, the finest set of gun-cleaning components I’ve seen. About $100 from Otis Technology. % 800-684-7486;

-Lionel Atwill