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Field & Stream Online Editors

In 1978 I scrimped and saved $110 to buy my first “quality” trout reel. It was the Orvis CFO IV. Twenty-four years later and after more than 1,850 days on the water, it is without question my most beloved trout reel. Introduced in 1968, the British-made reel has extraordinary balance, time-honored design, and a sweet singing click, making it a memorable partner to every trout I have connected with for over two decades.

The reel’s construction features meticulously machined aluminum with a spring-and-pawl drag that gives it the musical ring the reel is so famous for. The CFO is still manufactured today to the same standards and comes in several sizes. Ideal for 6-, 7-, and 8-weight lines, the CFO IV costs $235. Phone: 800-548-9548;