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**Triton | X Series Bass Boats **

The long run from one hotspot to the next is the bane of the bass fisherman. Bone-jarring waves, quartering seas that wash over the beam, and butt-numbing seats are just a few of the obstacles on the way from Point A to Point B. Triton’s new X Series tournament bass boats have more freeboard and molded depth to handle larger waves and provide a drier ride. Spring-enhanced bucket seats and wider cushions smooth out those rough-water runs, and the front deck has been stretched to 90 inches to create a roomier fishing platform. But the most innovative feature is a retractable ladder, which telescopes out from the stern and makes it easier to climb aboard in case of an accidental dunking. $27,341¿¿¿$32,316; 888-887-4866;

**Why it wins: **Great comfort and performance for the serious bassman