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Mathews | LX

More than 200 different designs were tested to come up with the new LX single-cam compound bow, and all that effort has paid off. The LX ensures perfectly level nock travel and consistently fast raw arrow speed. It also features a new, patented V-Lock system that eliminates any trace of limb wobble-and that’s saying something, because the previous system has won more professional tournaments than any in history. The bow has an array of other innovations, including a harmonic damping system and a patented guard that replaces the old-style cable mechanism with a near-frictionless ball-bearing roller guide. The bow is 35 inches from axle to axle and weighs 41/4 pounds. Its IBO speed rating is 315 to 317 fps. Both 65 and 80 percent let-off are available. $719; 608-269-2728;

Why it wins: Cutting-edge design that fosters unbeatable smoothness and speed