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**Rapala | ProGuide Lock ‘n Weigh **

When the record-setting striper is at the rail and it’s time to get it into the boat, reach for Rapala’s ProGuide Lock ‘n Weigh, a one-handed stainless-steel fish-gripping tool. Once the teethlike ridges bite into the fish’s lower jaw and the cam-lock system engages, you can control, lift, weigh, and release the lunker and still have a free hand for the boat. Each Lock ‘n Weigh sports a quick-release trigger and a built-in scale that’s certified for record catches. Standard 20- and 60-pound-scale models will handle everything from lake trout to flatheads, and the wider 80-pound-scale Magnum is tough enough for thick-jawed barracuda with saberlike choppers. There’s even a Magnum XL that can weigh fish up to 125 pounds-but you’ll need two hands for that. $60¿¿¿$92; 952-933-7060;

**Why it wins: **Makes landing and weighing big fish easy

**Worden’s | DC-16 Timber Tiger **

Everyone is looking for that Superman of plugs-the one that eludes hangups, slips easily through brush and timber, dives deep, runs true, and has a profile that’s irresistible to bass and walleyes. That superplug is Worden’s DC-16 Timber Tiger. Last spring on Mexico’s Lake Huites, this plastic lure produced more bass than better-known and more widely fished crankbaits while negotiating deep timber with surprising ease-a remarkable feat for a lure with six hook points. How does it work? The Timber Tiger has a ridge on the diving lip and splayed midbody tabs that enable it to resist snags. An open-chambered internal weighting system makes it easy to cast this little monster a long way, and it’s a slow riser on stop-and-go retrieves-great for fishing cover. Two balanced ball bearings help it dive fast and stay in the 16-foot strike zone all the way to the boat or down to 25 feet when trolling. $8; 509-854-1311;

Why it wins: Dives deep and glides through timber snags with ease

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