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Field & Stream Online Editors

Deer Double Take
Decoys can be deadly for whitetails, elk, and pronghorns, but the noise, bulk, and weight of molded-plastic models cause most hunters to leave them at home. Enter Montana Decoys-featherweight silhouettes as effortless to carry as they are to set up. Montana prints photorealistic images of game on tough polyester fabric, then mounts the fabric over a spring-steel frame that pops erect with a flick of the wrist. The entire decoy weighs less than 2 pounds and collapses into a 2×16-inch bundle that can be slipped into a daypack. About $89. 406-748-3092;

** On the Fly**
Every so often a great invention comes along that makes life a little easier. Whether you fish or hunt, you’ll find Fowl Play’s Fly Waders to be an extremely convenient item to own. Available in neoprene, breathable, and big-man styles, the waders come in various color patterns, such as Mossy Oak Shadowgrass and Break-Up, along with boot-foot or stocking-foot options (depending on the model). Best of all, there’s a 12-inch waterproof zipper that eliminates the need to drop your suspenders after drinking too much coffee. Prices range from $299 for the neoprene to $399 for the big-man waders. 877-438-2572;