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Hunter Safety System | Vest

In a perfect world, every stand hunter wears a full-body harness that will catch him if he falls. In the real world, most harness systems are a spiderweb of straps, buckles, and clips that practically require an engineering degree to figure out, prompting many hunters to leave their harnesses in their trucks. The ingenious design of the Hunter Safety System vest, however, makes following through on good intentions, quite literally, a snap. A full-body harness, sewn into the lining of the reversible camo and blaze-orange vest, has four sturdy buckles that snap in place over your normal hunting attire. Once you’re in the stand, slip a nylon strap from the pouch in the back of the vest and wrap it around the tree trunk. Drop two straps from the handy inner pockets, slide them around your thighs, and snap them in place. No gyrations, no gymnastics¿¿¿no broken bones. $100; 866-476-8378;

**Why it wins: **Tree-stand safety made easy and convenient

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