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**Briggs & Stratton | Camouflage Edition Outboard **

Briggs & Stratton-best known for its portable generators and lawn-mower engines-has applied its expertise to the boating market. The result is a 5-horsepower four-cycle outboard that’s a great value for the boater who fishes or hunts on calm lakes, mellow rivers, or water with horsepower restrictions. The overhead-valve engine has fewer emissions and uses less fuel than a two-stroke, and it eliminates the mess of mixing gas and oil. Because it’s air-cooled, this motor won’t clog in muddy, debris-strewn water. It’s available in black, but the camouflage edition in Advantage Max-4 HD Wetlands is ideal for freshwater duck hunters. $700¿¿¿$850; 800-743-4115;

Why it wins: The perfect outboard for waterfowlers: quiet and camouflaged