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Tikka T3 Big Boar Synthetic
The T3 Big Boar Synthetic features a quick-handling 19″ barrel, cold-hammerforged and free-floated. The stock is made of durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer, and it features a straight comb and ambidextrous palm-swell. The detachable magazine holds three rounds ¿¿¿ choose between 308 Win, 30-06, or 300 WSM.
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** Hunter’s Specialties The Beard Collector & Waterproof “Silencer Plus” Field Champion Natural**
The Beard Collector is made of solid American cherry, this two sided call creates the most realistic turkey sounds. Chalk and instructions included. With ** The Waterproof “Silencer Plus” Field Champion Natural** you can stroke one way for super realistic hen calls and the other for a reaction-raising gobbler. Patented “Silencer Plus” paddle lock guarantees complete silence while on the move. Never needs chalk.

Both have natural wood that is sealed finished with laser engraving.
DAY THREE – Gear Gallery

Swarovski Optik Riflescope
Because of the unique interlocking system rifle scope resulting from recoil forces ¿¿¿ even with the heaviest calibers used on big game. The SR provides additional reinforcement to the rifle scope tube, preventing torque or twist that can affect accuracy and optical performance from old fashioned rings and mounts. By eliminating typical rings, the number of parts and screws required to mount a scope is reduced. The SR helps to get proper alignment of the scope to the rifle and proper vertical/horizontal positioning of the crosshair, eliminating accuracy problems from canted scopes.
DAY THREE – Gear Gallery

Leatherman Surge
Two double-ended bits for the bit drivers and two blades for the blade exchanger are sold with Surge. Leatherman’s bits are made from S2 tool steel, which is 35% stronger than stainless. Both blades have a T-Shank design that fits securely in the tool. The scope includes outside-access and all-locking blades, needlenose and regular pliers, wire, hard-wire, and stranded-wire cutters, an electrical crimper, clip-point and serrated knives, scissors, a blade exchanger, and 12 more exciting specs.
DAY THREE – Gear Gallery

Gerber Skin Saw Gut Knife
The Skin Saw Gut knife combines a rugged 440 surgical steel skinning blade and boning saw in one handy implement. Coupled with a separate lightweight, highly effective E-Z Gut Hook tool, hunters have three essential tools in one thermoformed ballistic nylon sheath. The Softgrip rubber handle, texture ensures a firm, non-slip grip.
DAY THREE – Gear Gallery