Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1.****Casio Pag50-1v Solar Sports Watch
This latest in multifunction wrist wear features a backlighted digital compass, altimeter, recording barometer, and thermometer, plus a solar-rechargeable internal battery. The altimeter is accurate to within 16.4 feet and will enable hunters to track their position on a topo map. All this, and it also tells time. About $250. 800-836-8580;

2.****Lo-Tech Tackle Box Tackle-Rack Lure Management System
Simplicity is the organizational key here. This two-piece tackle box will neatly hang more than 70 stickbaits in its slots. The 7-inch-high molded plastic box will hold most freshwater baits and has room for hooks, sinkers, pliers, and other small goodies. The removable center-hinged lid makes access easy. About $30. 877-881-3662;

3.****Motorola Camo MA357 Cordless Phone
Motorola’s cordless package quacks, bugles, gobbles, honks, hoots, or howls, depending on your mood. It can do all the standard telephone tricks we’ve come to expect, in a camo finish enclosing 2.4 GHz cordless technology. About $100 from Cabela’s. 800-237-4444;

**4.****Depthmate Portable Sounder **
Model SM-5 is a digital-readout, depth-only portable sonar that weighs just 10 ounces, looks like a flashlight, fits in your jacket pocket, and floats. Hold it in your hand and get an instant depth reading, or measure distance to side objects. It runs on one 9-volt battery and is water resistant to 150 feet and accurate to 260 feet. About $158. From Speedtech Instruments. 800-760-0004;

5.****Power Muffs Quad
These hi-tech earmuffs will help not only protect your hearing but also improve it. Four directional microphones amplify quiet sounds, allowing you to hear important range commands. However, the electronics automatically shut off for loud noises like gunfire, protecting your hearing with a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels. About $250 from Walker’s Game Ear. 800-424-1069;

Capture your buck on film with the CamTrakker, a 35mm surveillance system that uses a passive infrared motion detector to spot game. The fully enclosed, waterproof unit houses an automatic Olympus camera that takes photos out to 30 feet with a flash. Variable settings include six delay options and 24-hour operation, and it comes in Natural Gear camo. About $430. 800-654-8498;