Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1.****Filson Timber Double Mackinaw Cruiser
Now available in Timber camouflage, this jacket has been around, virtually unchanged, for well over half a century, and with good reason: Unless you roll in barbed wire as a hobby, you won’t be able to wear it out in your lifetime. About $362 to $372, depending on size. 800-778-5111;

**2.****Woolrich Stag Jacket **
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s what Woolrich learned when they dropped their red-and-black wool hunting jacket, which they first made in 1915. Now the venerable Stag jacket, 85 percent wool and 15 percent nylon, has returned at a lower price of $99. The 13-ounce-per-square-yard fabric will shed snow and turn the cold, and the buffalo plaid is timeless. Available in June. 877-512-7305;

**3.****Arborwear Jacket **
This company makes the world’s best work clothes, specifically for the tree-trimming trade. Now they offer a sturdy 12-ounce canvas jacket lined with sheep-soft fleece that you’ll wear around camp, in grouse coverts, and on the lake on chilly mornings. It comes in four sizes and one color, moss green. About $110. 888-578-8733;

4.**** Bean’s 4-in-1 Big Game Parka
Made from quiet, brushed polyester, this waterproof, breathable parka features a snap-off hood and has pockets everywhere. The zip-in DuPont Hollofil liner has a warm fleece chin guard and hand-warmer pockets. In blaze orange and Advantage Timber. About $180 regular; $189 tall. 800-221-4221;

Columbia Sportswear Haiku Crew
Constructed of polyester Glacial Fleece, this base-layer top wicks away amazing amounts of moisture. It’s a featherweight, densely woven fabric that is exceptionally warm and soft. About $33. 800-622-6953;