Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

**1 ****Coyote Leather Pro-Trainer Belt **
The foundation of this Batman-like utility belt is a 21/4-inch-wide band of slotted English leather, finished with stout brass hardware. Attached to it are a check cord, utility pouch, bumper bag or live-bird bag, and snap bolt. You can choose from 13 additional accessories, including holsters for a water bottle, shock collar transmitter, or starter pistol. About $190. 972-262-2050;

2****For Dogs That Smell
Atsko N-O-DOR Pet Clean-Up Kit If your pet leaves lingering aromas, you can completely neutralize the smell with N-O-DOR. Mix the two-part liquid concentrate packets and spray. The cleaner is great for kennels, upholstery, or carpet, and will neutralize all odors, including urine and the dreaded skunk, with no perfumy cover smell. The package makes two 8-ounce batches. About $5. 800-845-2728;

3 Fred Zink’s Finisher Dog Blind
Keep your dog off the frozen ground and out of sight of leery waterfowl with this collapsible 6-pound camo kennel blind. Constructed with a strong fiberglass frame on double-coated waterproof 600-denier polyester, the blind sets up in seconds by pulling the center cord. Exterior straps allow the addition of natural vegetation to match the landscape. The blind measures 28 inches wide by 40 inches deep by 24 inches tall and is generously sized for large dogs. Its collapsible form makes it easy to carry out of the field. About $80 from Avery Outdoors. 800-333-5119;

4 Cabela’s Boat-Tree Platform
It’s a tree stand for dogs. Place this platform on your boat or tree to give him a home above the water. The all-aluminum construction makes it easy to hang and adjust the height. A sloping ramp can be hung on the front or side of the platform, giving you more flexibility for setting up around obstructions. The platform measures 20×26 inches; the ramp measures 20×15. Now your dog will be eye level when he shakes off all that water. About $120. 800-237-4444;

5 ** Petmate Deluxe Edition Wire Kennel**
Slide this kennel in your truck and the rubber bottoms with rounded corners won’t scratch metal beds or tear carpets. The folding unit has strong locking corners, a comfortable carrying handle, and a second door on the top of the kennel for quick access. There’s even a third door on the front for easy feeding. Protect your dog from the elements with the optional heavy-duty polyester cover. The kennel comes in five sizes, starting at about $70. 877-738-6283;