Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Stearns Outdoors IC140 Inflatable Canoe
Extremely stable and easy to paddle, this 11-foot canoe has a five-chamber PVC bladder covered with a tarpaulin outer shell and two bottom abrasion rails to guard against punctures. The 35-pound boat has waterproof pockets and comfortable seats. About $360. 800-333-1179;

2. The Cutthroat II
Ideal for transporting into the wilderness on floatplanes, this 14-foot, expedition-grade cataraft weighs only 67 pounds. It holds 680 pounds of gear and can draft as little as 3 inches. The efficient design allows the boat to move quickly, rowed or paddled. Starting at $1,500 from Jack’s Plastic Welding. 800-742-1904;

3. ****Keep It Dry
Sagebrush Standing-Water Tackle Bag Life in a paddleboat can be wet, but your stuff will stay dry in this waterproof bag. This all-welded, 12×17-inch PVC bag comes with a waterproof zipper and removable dividers, changing it from tackle storage to a generously sized boat bag. About $180. 406-683-2329;

4****L.L. Bean 90th Anniversary Camper Canoe
Inspired by turn-of-the-century Old Town wooden canoes, this gorgeous Bean 16-foot Camper Canoe can handle all the rocks and logs you can bump into with its tough Royalex hull. Smartly detailed caned-back seats and brass painter rings make this quick canoe a pleasure to admire and paddle. It can hold up to 900 pounds and weighs only 60. About $1,150. 800-441-5713;

**5. Outcast Super Fat Cat **
This is one of the few bellyboats with a heavy-duty PVC bottom, giving the angler peace of mind against punctures. Constructed with a closed V-bow and weighing only 12 pounds, the one-man craft will hold up to 300 pounds, safely sneaking you to trout and bass. The adjustable, oversize cushion chair sits above the waterline. Some recent additions include an inflatable seat and backrest, dual rod holders, and deluxe cargo pockets for extra storage. About $350. 800-966-0976;