Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1.****Orvis Streamline Vest
The Streamline vest has 25 pockets suspended from a vented elastic shoulder system that makes it comfortable to wear even when it’s fully loaded. The back has a generous vertical-zippered storage area and a mesh rain-jacket compartment. In front are four roomy pockets for fly boxes, a pocket for sunglasses, see-through mesh tippet-dispensing slots, and a waterproof interior camera compartment. There are even hand-warmer pockets for those cold, rainy days. About $110. 888-235-9763;

2.****William Joseph Creel
The William Joseph creel is a side bag that hangs over one shoulder, allowing a full range of motion for casting or landing your catch. There are four primary pockets, two of them large enough for multiple boxes or rain gear. The front panel folds down to create a small workstation for selecting flies, and there are lots of little places for tools. The large rear pocket can be used to store a water bladder. About $89. 800-386-7839;

3.****Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack
Wear this Waterdance pack on your waist or chest, or carry it like a boat bag. Its 15 pockets can hold all the gear from your old vest, with enough room to carry three large fly boxes. You’ll find lots of little compartments for tools and tippets and even a lock hook for your keys. This pack is beautifully constructed, and the padded, adjustable belt system makes it comfortable enough to wear all day. About $90. 970-468-2056;

**4.****G. Loomis Fishing Backpack **
Perfect for spin- and baitcasting anglers who fish jetties, shorelines, or walk-in lakes, this spacious pack’s upper compartment will hold lunch, rain gear, and extra reels. The lower compartment measures 11x7x7 inches and comes with four full-size plastic trays to hold large plugs or soft baits. The front panel folds down to make an ideal workstation. About $90. 800-456-6647;

5.****BW Sports Boatsider Tackle Bag
This bag hangs over the gunwales of your boat by a pair of removable armored hooks, keeping your tackle high and dry. The bag suspends at waist level, so you won’t have to fumble around at your feet to change lures or leaders. The large center compartment holds four (optional) 7×9-inch plastic boxes, great for lures or flies. There are several side pockets and a place for a water bottle. The bag comes with a shoulder strap and works well as an airline carry-on. About $40. 888-647-9120;