Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1****Kobuk Three-Ply Hipper
These classic three-ply hip boots last long enough to leave behind in your will. Meticulously constructed, the wader is housed in a 600-denier polyester exterior and has a stout rubber boot-foot bottom, which is lightly insulated with 200 grams of Thinsulate. Their felt soles make these hippers an ideal shallow-water wader. About $65. 626-575-3900;

**2****Mad Dog/Ducks Unlimited Waist-High Wader **
If you occasionally wade in thigh-deep water, these 3.5mm waist-high neoprenes will increase your mobility and comfort. An ankle-fit boot bottom will secure the boot on your foot, and the 400 grams of Thinsulate and closed-cell foam will keep your feet at room temperature. The wader has thick kneepads and is available in new Advantage Max-4 HD camo. About $105. 800-333-1179;

3****Patagonia SST+ Breathable
Guides call this premium wader the most comfortable breathable on the river. Extraordinarily soft and supple to the touch, it’s expertly tailored to provide added comfort and support with a connecting shoulder-belt system. The top can be pushed down to waist-high length, and the elastic bottom cuffs keep debris out of your wading boots. Recent changes to the line include more pockets and snaps, better foot support, and additional big-man sizes. About $330. 800-638-6464;

4****Hodgman Dura-Mag 1200
Made of 5mm stretch neoprene, this duck-hunting wader has a luxurious fleece-lined upper, four fleece hand-warming pockets, five D rings, exterior shell loops, thick kneepads, and a built-in belt. The boot bottoms have 1,200 grams of Thinsulate for warmth. It’s available in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass and Break-Up. About $250. 630-897-7555;

5****Gripping Gloves
Chota Neoprene Stow-A-Way II These gloves’ removable fingertips will allow you to fish with greater dexterity in inclement conditions. To expose the thumb and line-control finger, just pull the covers off. The covers snap back toward the wrist and out of the way. The flexible, 2.75mm closed-cell neoprene won’t impede movement, and the textured skin-out surface provides an excellent grip. About $30. 865-690-1814;