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Field & Stream Online Editors

Tarantula Run and Gun Turkey Gear Belt
Strap on the Tarantula Run and Gun belt and carry your turkey gear comfortably and within easy reach right on your hips. The belt has pockets for box, slate, and mouth calls, and a soft padded seat that lands in the right place every time you sit down. There’s even room for a water bottle and shells. About $34. % 888-528-1775;

Primos The Freak
You’ve called him in and he’s in full view, but you can’t raise your gun for fear of scaring him off. Do you wait for him to strut behind a tree before you put him in your sights? You don’t need to. Keep your gun up and ready while you work a close gobbler with this friction call. The Freak straps to your leg or gunstock, keeping your off hand free and your gun in position. The call is mounted in a deep-dish plastic ring with a horizontal opening that broadcasts the sound in a specific direction. There is an elastic quick-release strap and a removable plastic lid that keeps the call dry. About $28. % 800-523-2395; www.

**Streamlight Green Trident LED Headlamp **
The Green Trident LED headlamp issues a frequency of light that is difficult for turkeys to see, allowing you to set your decoys with less chance of detection. A three-position switch lets you choose between the turkey-safe green LED, two ultrabright white LEDs for close objects, and a single xenon bulb for distance. You’ll love the hands-free advantage during deer season, too. About $35. % 800-523-7488;

** Woods Wise Mystic Classic Hen **
When you’re caught in a downpour in the woods, some so-called waterproof box calls can sound more like a dog barking than a hen clucking. Not the Mystic Classic Hen box call-its proprietary gritty coating is waterproof and eliminates the need for chalk. Handsomely fashioned from walnut, poplar, and cherry, this call sounds so good, you’ll consider using it even when it’s not raining. About $20. % 800-735-8182;

** Bag It
Hunter’s Specialties Turkey Topper**
The Turkey Topper ensures that no one will confuse the turkey on your back with one on its feet. The orange bag slips over your turkey’s head, keeping its colors hidden and its blood from your clothes and truck interior as well. About $2 for three bags. % 800-525-1181;