Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

**1.****Simms/ Wading Staff **
Stand tall in turbulent water with this 56-inch collapsible, coated-steel wading staff. It breaks down into four pieces, but more important, it can be assembled in a matter of seconds. About $100. 406-585-3557;

2. Relic Lures/ Homer Simpson
D’oh! Pay homage to the ultimate dad, and if you’re lucky, real lucky, catch a bass. The 41/2-inch Homer Simpson shallow-running crankbait has a wide, fat wobble, embodying Homer’s greatest asset. About $13. 800-237-4444;

**3.****Humminbird/ SmartCast RF30 **
Even James Bond would admire this wireless fishfinder. Cast the small sensor over your favorite spot and check the unit’s wristwatchlike display to learn if anybody’s home down there. About $99. 334-687-0503;

Dawn and dusk are the best times to catch big fish and the worst times to spot them with traditional polarized glasses. Beloptix solved this problem with photochromic polarized shades-the lenses automatically darken in direct sun and lighten in twilight conditions. About $170. 877-235-6789;

**5.****Feather-Craft/ Panfish Collection **
Two fanatic bluegill fishermen at the Feather-Craft Catalog Co. argued for months about what patterns would compose this group of panfish flies. This stellar selection includes custom-tied Woolly Buggers, crickets, hoppers, and poppers. About $50. 800-659-1707;

**6.****Rapala/ProGuide Lock’n Weigh **
The Boga Grip, the original one-handed landing tool, has many imitators, but the ProGuide may be the first to improve on it. It’s more affordable than the Boga, and it’s available with a 60-pound scale. About $80.