Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1. ** Brunton/ Solarport 2.2**
As much as we hate them in the wild, cellphones can come in handy. Keep yours running with Brunton’s Solarport. Just open the polycrystalline solar panel, hook up your phone, and let the rays get to work. About $80. 307-856-6559;

2. Milwaukee/ Hatchet Sawzall
Powered by an 18-volt battery, the Sawzall is an industrial-grade power tool. You can change blades without hex keys, and the handle rotates 90 degrees. About $260. 262-781-3600;

**3. ****Craftsman/ Grip Master Switch Pliers **
Five layers of case-hardened steel and molded rubber handgrips make this tool stronger and more comfortable than any other locking pliers we’ve tried. The curved “V” notch jaw will resurrect most buggered bolts. About $25. 800-377-7414;

4. RDR Tools/ Superknife
A cross between a traditional folding knife and a box cutter, the Superknife is just the tool for those jobs that are too gritty for your favorite blade. It clips to your belt and accepts razor blades that fit standard box cutters. About $25. 480- 348-0544;

**5. ****Leatherman/ Squirt P4 **
The Squirt P4 weighs just 2 ounces, but we guarantee it’ll be the most valuable tool in your pocket. It’s perfect for working on bows, fishing reels, and wayward threads. About $39. 800-847-8665;

**6. ****Coleman/ Inflate-All **
A must for offroaders, the Coleman portable Inflate-All has a 12-volt adapter and can pump up a flat truck tire in under five minutes. It also makes quick work of rafts, float tubes, and air mattresses. About $50. 800-835-3278;