Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

** 1)Bushrag Jute Thread Chameleon Ghillie Suit**
Don’t laugh-these things work. Made from nylon and polyester, the Chameleon has 700 “leaves.” Deer might nibble on you. About $180. 877-810-9614;

** 2)Scent-Lok Savanna Series Shirt**
Don’t have the cash for a complete scent-locking outfit? Keep your shirt on-this shirt. Wear it alone or under your coat in the cold. About $88. 800-315-5799;

** 3)Badlands RT Fanny Pack**
In a world of wussy, half-pint fanny packs, this one’s big and tough. Waterproof but breathable, it’s sewn with superstrong thread. You won’t wear it out. About $79. 800-269-1875;

** 4)Manzella Expedition 850 Glove**
Buck fever giving you sweaty palms? The Expedition’s inner layers transfer heat and effectively disperse sweat-tough gloves for serious cold. About $45. 800-645-6837;

** 5)LaCrosse Alpha Burly Sport **
These rubber calf-highs are light on your feet but warm enough for the early season. A fleece lining helps pull sweat away from your socks. About $90. 800-323-2668; Gearing Up: Suiting Up