Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

Action: Gas-operated semiauto.

Gauges available: 3-inch 12; 3-inch 20.

**Model tested: **12-gauge, 28-inch barrel.

**Weight: **63/4 pounds; approximately 6 pounds in 20-gauge.

**Stock: **Walnut.

**Sights: **Metal bead front.

**Special features: **Shim kit to adjust stock fit. Hard case included.

Price: $960 (field) to $1,180 (deluxe).

**Comments: **An overhauled, slimmed down, lightened successor to Beretta’s popular 390, the 391 Urika features a number of neat new touches, most notably a trigger guard so attractively styled you don’t mind that it’s made out of technopolymer (a.k.a. plastic). Inside, the proven 390 gas system has been tweaked to the point that the 391 will handle anything from 3-inch, 2-ounce magnums down to 7/8-ounce target loads.

My test gun cycled Federal’s 23/4-dram, 7/8-ounce target loads flawlessly on the skeet field and proved noticeably soft-shooting with heavier target loads. I hunted with the Urika at the end of last pheasant season; at just 63/4 pounds with a 28-inch barrel, it carried easily in the field while pointing and swinging very nicely indeed.

Conclusion: Really dumb name but a great gun. At $960, the price seems like a lot for an autoloader, but you could sell all your other guns and shoot this one for everything.