Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

Action: Pump.

Gauge available: 3-inch 20.

Model tested: 20-gauge Deluxe, 28-inch barrel.

**Weight: **53/4 pounds.

**Stock: **Walnut.

Sights: Ithaca Raybar.

**Options: **24-, 26-, or 28-inch barrels; left-hand safety; straight grip.

**Price: **Deerslayer, $599; English and Deluxe, $629.95; Classic, $799.95.

Comments: Ithaca’s new UltraLite Model 37 pump revives a design produced between 1978 and 1986. With an alloy receiver to save weight, the UltraLite weighs well under 6 pounds. The new models are identical to the older guns but with interchangeable chokes and 3-inch chambers.

My test gun, the Deluxe model with a 28-inch barrel, weighed a mere 53/4 pounds. The sample was stocked with handsomely colored, straight-grained walnut under satin urethane. Overall fit and finish were very good. The slick-pumping UltraLite functioned perfectly through half a dozen rounds of skeet.

Recoil with target loads was stiff but hardly unpleasant. I’d definitely think twice about shooting 3-inch loads through this gun, though, and stick to 7/8-ounce upland loadings and 3/4-ounce steel payloads instead.

Conclusion: This is a neat gun for hard-walking, grown-up bird hunters.