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Gransfors Mini-Hatchet

Gransfors Bruks is a Swedish company that makes superb hand-forged axes. Latest in their line is the Mini-Hatchet, which weighs only 11 ounces, is a shade over 10 inches long, and is, like all Gransfors tools, as sharp as a razor. It is no bigger than a large hunting knife, yet will do many things a hunting knife can’t. I took one on a Quebec caribou hunt where it built a blind and chopped wood for several fires. Extreme sharpness, I found out, is a very good substitute for size. It comes with a leather sheath and a 20-year guarantee for under $100. You can get one with your initials on the axe and sheath from Chocorua Boatworks (603-323-8172; or get a nonpersonalized one from Gransfors Bruks at 800-433-2863.