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Cold Steel Master Hunter Knife

One trembles at the prospect of calling anything perfect, but I don’t see how you could improve this particular snickersnee. It has a 4-inch drop-point blade of ideal shape and length, a Kraton handle that will not slip when your hand is cold or wet or bloody or covered with fat, and a Kydex sheath that cannot lose its hold on the knife and will not let the blade punch through. It comes with an edge that would bring a smile to the face of Jack the Ripper and is extremely easy to resharpen.

There are three knives in this series. The one I am rhapsodizing over has Cold Steel’s Carbon V blade without a gutting hook (there is a gutting-hook model, but you don’t want it, as well as a stainless-steel-bladed version). Carbon V will rust if you don’t take care of it, but it’s much sharper than stainless and resharpens more easily. The price is $114.99.