Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

** 1 Carry-Lite Magnum Feeders **
What’s the point of a feeder decoy if ducks can’t see it? Carry-Lite’s new magnums-25 percent larger than standard-make duck butts look big. These oversize mallards with lifelike feather detail signal soup’s on to distant flyers. Sold in hen-drake pairs. $14; 479-649-5720;

** 2 Flambeau Teal**
Flambeau’s redesigned greenwing and bluewing teal decoys capture the essence of these fast, little ducks with new molds incorporating improved, accurate details. Teal-size, with water keels, these dekes are light on your back, and a set of a dozen goes easy on your wallet as well. $30; 800-457-5252;

** 3 Avery Greenhead Gear Wigeon**
Too many decoy makers slap a different paint job on the same deke. Not Avery. Every species in the Greenhead Gear line is cast from a carving by a specialist, as are these new widgeon. The weighted keel slides out for both field and water use. The paint is guaranteed not to peel, flake, or rub off. They’re sold by the half dozen, four drakes and two hens. $28; 800-333-5119;

** 4 FUD Teal**
The plastic foam FUDs (“Fold-Up Decoys”) open up in seconds into something between a silhouette and a full body. Just 1/2 pound apiece, they move in the slightest breeze. The attached steel stake doubles as a keel for water use. Wood ducks and a bluewing teal join the FUD line this year, now made in the U.S.A. by Blackwater Decoy Co. They come in sets of three or 12. $25¿¿¿$70; 888-293-3269;

** 5 Higdon Finisher Flapper Full-Body Canada**
With a few tugs on the string, Higdon’s Finisher Flapper duplicates a goose’s wing-flapping motion exactly. It’s not a cheap deke, but it adds more realism than a dozen spinning-wing geese, and it’ll pay for itself via many a goose dinner. $100; 866-776-4868;