Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Marmot | Fusion +15 Sleeping Bag
In an innovative marriage of synthetic and natural materials, the Fusion mummy bag sandwiches down and Primaloft insulation to leverage the advantages of each. The synthetic outer layer maintains its insulating qualities even when wet, while the 600-fill down inner layer provides optimum warmth with featherweight comfort. Perfect for backcountry exploits, the Fusion weighs just over 3 pounds and is rated to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. $189; 888-627-6680;

2. Coleman | Hot Water on Demand
Ah, the familiar smells of deer camp: fresh-brewed coffee, wood smoke¿¿¿a dozen guys who haven’t showered in a week. Coleman’s Hot Water on Demand portable heater delivers 100- to 160- degree water in just five seconds. Simply screw in a standard propane cylinder, connect the pump (which runs on a rechargeable battery) to the 5-gallon water container, and-whoosh-you’ve got instant hot water for washing dishes or getting the stink off you. _$180; 800-835-3278; _

3. Brunton | Solo Power Source
Powering base camp is now this simple: Charge the Solo portable power source from an outlet in your home or vehicle, and when you set up camp, you can plug in a radio, cellphone, laptop, coffeemaker-whatever. The Solo weighs just 10 pounds and powers gadgets with voltages of 7.5, 12, or 110 for up to 32 hours. It can also be recharged with a portable folding solar panel (sold separately)._ $649; 800-443-4871; www.brunton.com_

4. Optimus | Crux Foldable Canister Stove
The Crux is ingeniously designed to fold flat and slide into a small neoprene pouch that hugs your isobutane canister while storing the stove in the concavity beneath it. And even though it weighs a mere 3.1 ounces, this finely machined, easy-packing burner performs with the professionalism of a Viking range. $75; 800-443-4871;