Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Plano | Waterproof Stowaways
If you’re tired of rain, salt spray, and bilgewater soaking your lures, check out Plano’s Waterproof Stowaways. Special O-rings mean water can’t get in, and the containers float, so you won’t lose your quiver of jigs if they end up in the drink. $3¿¿¿$5; 800-226-9868;

2. Frabill | Pro-Tech Protective Catch & Release Netting System
A muskie the size of a sofa is a beautiful thing. So is a pike that’s as long as your leg. But releasing those bad boys can be a toothy, slimy wrestling match. The Pro-Tech cradle, a mesh stretcher that’s 15 inches deep and 60 inches long, takes the struggle out of reviving and releasing large fish. It’s also got a built-in ruler for measuring the big guys. $90; 800-558-1005;

3. Korkers | Konvertible Wading Boot
That secret honey hole teeming with brookies is a mile up the trail, but you don’t feel like hauling waders that far. Korkers Konvertible Wading Boot, which combines a hiking-style upper with six interchangeable soles, solves the problem. Each sole (hiking, boat, felt, studded felt, high-traction rubber, and studded rubber) locks onto the boot without screws or tools. Hike up on the rubber-lug trail sole, then switch to felt and wade right in. $130 for boots and two soles; $20¿¿¿$30 each for additional soles; 503-723-7100;

4. Berkley | IronSilk
Berkley IronSilk lines employ a reinforced polymer matrix to bolster the network between individual nylon molecules. Too much information? We thought so, too. But all that technical jargon means IronSilk is smoother, suppler, more abrasion-resistant, and stronger than conventional monofilaments, which means you’re going to catch more fish and lose fewer lures. $10¿¿¿$13; 800-237-5539;