Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Black Diamond l Gemini Headlight
A versatile workhorse, the Gemini pulls double duty with twin LED lights-ideal for reading and doing camp chores-and a powerful xenon bulb that can blaze a trail after dark. The three AA batteries run from 5 hours on the bright xenon setting up to 500 hours if you burn the midnight oil with just the LEDs. $39; 801-278-5533;

2. MPI Outdoors | Extreme Pro-Tech Bag
MPI, the company that invented the classic Space blanket, created the Extreme Pro-Tech Bag for emergency insulation. It’s built with three layers of reflective film that expand like an accordion to provide dead-air space to trap heat-enough to keep you warm in minus 20¿¿¿degree weather. That’s a lot of BTUs for a 12-ounce package that folds down to the size of a videocassette. $30; 800-343-5827;

3. Brunton | Firelight
Your matches are wet, darkness is swiftly approaching, and a campfire is the only thing that can stand between you and hypothermia. Time to break out the Firelight, a refillable butane lighter that produces an adjustable gas flame in winds up to 80 miles per hour. Find the kindling with the built-in LED flashlight._ $40; 800-443-4871; www.brunton.com_

4. Tom Brown | Tracker Knife
Designed by legendary tracker (and wilderness survival expert) Tom Brown, this high-carbon steel blade will chop, score, slice, split, carve, saw, and notch wood, as well as drill bone and antler. You can cut logs with it or lash it to a pole and skewer a charging wild boar. It’s hell on cheese, too._ $300; 908-479-4681; www.trackerschool.com_