1. Speedtech | DeerHunter’s Edge
Wondering whether the whitetails are going to be out and about next Thursday? The DeerHunter’s Edge forecasts deer and elk activity and predicts optimum hunting days and times-up to 45 years from now-based on an algorithm derived by combining hormonal and environmental data with deer behavioral statistics. This little gizmo brings a technological approach to deciding when to make your move. It’s also a compass and a mini¿¿¿weather station. But you still have to field dress your own game. $150; 800-760-0004;

**2. Humminbird | Smartcast RF 30 Fishfinder **
Who needs a psychic when you can strap a fishfinder right onto your wrist? The Humminbird Smartcast is a wireless remote sensor you attach to your line and cast into the water. It uses sonar to detect fish-and whatever else is down there-and sends the images straight to the wrist-mounted display, which takes some of the guesswork out of figuring out where the lunkers are. $100; 334-687-6613;

**3. Bushnell | ImageView Digital Binocular **
Preserve those great close-up sightings of a big bull moose by capturing the images as digital files. Bushnell’s ImageView, a combination 10x25mm binocular and .35 megapixel digital camera, enables you to shoot and store up to 80 high-resolution (or 300 low-res) digital photos for downloading, printing, and sharing over the Internet. The rapid-repeat function grabs three stills at one-second intervals, so you’re sure to get his good side. $110; 800-423-3537;

4. Magellan | SporTrak Color GPS
The new Magellan SporTrak Color is the only handheld GPS with a full-color display and a three-axis electronic compass (which means you don’t have to hold it level to get an accurate reading). Rugged, waterproof, and buoyant, the unit features a 10MB North American map database, stores 20 routes and 500 waypoints, and has a built-in barometer to keep you a step ahead of the weather. $500; 800-707-9971;