Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Remington | Core-Lokt Ultra Bullet
The original Core-Lokt design goes back about 50 years, but the Ultra is something entirely new-a premium hunting bullet at a nonpremium price. It holds together even at very high speeds, and its expansion and penetration are admirable. $24¿¿¿$33 per box of 20; 800-243-9700;

2. Federal | Metro Goose Load
Dense tungsten-iron BBs driven at subsonic velocities (850 fps) translate into quiet goose killers, all the better to hunt Branta canadensis suburbanis in its natural golf-course and housing-development habitat. As resident Canada seasons pick up, this will be the load of choice. $18 per box of 10; 763-323-3834;

3. Remington | Premier Hevi-Shot 00 Buckshot
Remington’s new Hevi-Shot 00 produces awesomely tight patterns. Its density allows it to retain far more energy downrange than comparable lead pellets. In test firings into phone books, the nine pellets went 150 pages deeper than the best lead loads. $11 per box of five; 800-243-9700;

4. Winchester | Xpert Hi-Velocity Steel Shotshell
Speed kills¿¿¿ducks. Winchester’s new nontoxic loads achieve velocities up to 1550 fps, yet the price is much lower than that of premium high-velocity loads. This is the kind of ammo that won’t let you down on those snap shots. $8¿¿¿$18 per box of 25; 618-258-3568;

5. Remington | BuckHammer Slug The BuckHammer is a true breakthrough in design-a full-bore slug seated in a sabotlike stabilizer. Weighing a hefty 11/4 ounces, these projectiles shoot beautifully through rifled barrels and expand to almost 1 inch across-knockdown power you can’t argue with._ $9 per box of five; 800-243-9700; www.remington.com_