Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

(1) Cabela’s Power Dry
Maximizing the wicking ability of Polartec, these undergarments have a slick surface layer that dissipates moisture quickly and allows for easy changes of layering garments. They’re so light you won’t notice them. $80; 800-237-4444;

** (2) Browning Hunderwear with X-Static**
Hunderwear’s X-Static silver-bonded fibers eliminate 99 percent of odor-causing bacteria within an hour, giving you daylong scent-free hunting. $32¿¿¿$64; 800-333-3288;

** (3) Patagonia Expedition Weight Stretch Capilene Zip T**
Space-age Capilene dries in a snap. Its stretchability should appeal to tree-stand hunters, who need flexibility to climb and aim._ $80; 800-638-6464; _

(4) Terramar BodySensors EC2 with Outlast
The wool-blend top layer gives superior moisture management, and an inner layer of Outlast acrylic fibers traps and holds excess body heat, releasing it as your skin cools-the perfect combo for stop-and-start still-hunters. $40;

** (5) Gr¿¿nsfors Bruks Ullfrott¿¿ Undergarments**
These terry-cloth knits of itch-free merino wool and polyamide are thick enough to count as two base layers, and don’t lose any warmth when damp. _$66; 843-875-0240; _

**(6) Layers Thermion AG **
This base layer is made of a polyester thermal fabric that releases silver ions to break down and absorb body odor. Couple them with a scent barrier and a bird dog couldn’t find you. $38; 919-834-5007;