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On a test run in Canada, I submarined a 700 in a mudhole multiple times all the way up to the handlebars and it never stalled, sputtered, or got stuck. All I did was clean off the radiator and then drove it hard for another 60 miles without a misfire. This ATV has fuel injection, a differential locker, killer brakes, and an impressive downhill engine braking system. It also has exceptionally low vibration, so much so that I never experienced numb hands at the end of a day of riding.

The King Quad is jammed with speed and torque and comes with a 2-inch receiver that allows you to tow up to 992 pounds. This machine is a true workhorse, but it’s so easy to handle that even an inexperienced rider will feel comfortable on it. $7,300; 800-828-7433; -P.B.M.

Above photo is of Eric Zinczenko (far left), Group Publisher for Field & Stream, presenting the Best of the Best Award to the Suzuki team at the American Suzuki Motor Corporation in Brea California.¿¿ Representing Suzuki ¿¿(from left to right) are Motoo Murakami, Executive Vice President of ATV Operations; Rod Lopusnak, Manager of ATV Operations; Glenn Hansen, Communications Manager.

You can spend $8,000 on a new ATV and have a flat tire the first time you ride on sharp, rocky terrain. Last summer I tested a new quad that came with an “upgraded” puncture-resistant tire that six out of 14 pro riders managed to flatten in one day. A month later, during a test in comparable conditions with many of the same aggressive drivers, we sought out every jagged rock and pointy root and not one of us could flatten a Pirelli Rut Buster. The four-wheelers didn’t slide sideways, and they stuck to every hard surface. I found them downright impressive in the muck, especially since they’re not mud tires.

Besides being puncture resistant, they grip well on rocks and stay tight in turns. These are the best general-use ATV tires I’ve ridden to date and should keep you mobile for many, many miles. $35¿¿¿$75, depending on size; 800-747-3554; -P.B.M.

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