Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1 Quaker Boy Hurricane Box Call
Box calls usually quit in the wet. Enter the Hurricane. Quaker Boy advertises this box as waterproof. So I hosed it down with the kitchen-sink sprayer and tried it. It’s true: It sounds as good wet as it does dry. The secret is a proprietary coating painted underneath the lid and on the rails of the call. Whatever this stuff is (Quaker Boy won’t say), it works and never needs chalking. $26; 800-544-1600;

**2 Cody Calls Woodsman **
Cody builds some of the sweetest-sounding slates around, and the new Woodsman follows suit. The secret? Cody pots are made of wood, giving them unmatched warmth and resonance. Such richness is forgiving to inexperienced callers, and deadly in the hands of a veteran. In your choice of glass or slate inset. $50; 717-362-8413;

3 Primos Box CutteR
Despite its traditional good looks, the Box Cutter isn’t designed for old-school “yelp softly three times and shut up” calling. With its jatoba wood lid and mahogany body, this is a call for the modern run-and-gunner who covers ground and cutts to provoke a gobble. Put your thumb in the groove on the left side, twitch the top, and the Box Cutter produces the excited clucks of a very eager hen. _$30; 800-523-2395; _

4 Lohman Mini-Pump Yelper
Looks like a telescope, sounds like a turkey: The Mini-Pump fits in your pocket and produces lifelike yelps and clucks with a mere push, combining mouth-call sound with easy hand operation for those of us who forever flub diaphragms and tubes. Twisting the bell to one of the several marked settings lets you alter the tone until you find the exact key the gobblers like. $17; 877-956-5746;

5 Knight & Hale Shock Gobble Owl Call With Hoot Enhancer
Want a louder hoot? The enhancer bulb on the end of this reed-style owl hooter provides all the necessary back pressure on the call, taking the place of your cupped hand. Just blow to make realistic hoots loud enough to rock the woods and wake up sleepy toms. Pull the enhancer off and use the call conventionally for a change of pace._ $14; 501-782-8971; www.knight-hale.com_ **6 Avery Molded Friction Call Case **
Avery’s weather-resistant, padded Cordura case solves noise and wetness problems by keeping two of your prized pot calls safe, silent, and dry in cozy, molded EVA compartments. The zippers have extra-long pulls; the case has loops for two strikers on the outside, and a slim pocket to hold sandpaper or a roughing pad. In Mossy Oak New Break-Up._ $11; 800-333-5119; www.averyoutdoors.com_