Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

[BRACKET “1”] Aqua-Vu DT Series
Here’s “reality TV” that matters: uncensored bass, walleyes, and crappies-and you’re the cameraman. It’s easy to perform a little spying on your favorite waters. Just drop the rubber-armored infrared camera down on the high-tensile cable (60 or 120 feet long, depending on the model) and watch for fish on the black-and-white monitor. The screen display indicates which direction the camera is pointing, and at what depth and temperature. A video jack allows you to record the show. $600¿¿¿$650; 218-825-0733;

**[BRACKET “2”] Humminbird Fishfinder **
565 With some sonar units, trying to see the fish is like reading tea leaves. But the Humminbird 565, the top model in the 500 series, produces superb 640-pixel resolution and great detail on a relatively large screen. The 565 also has dual-beam transducers (20 and 60 degrees), a temperature sensor, 12 levels of grayscale, fish I.D. and zoom modes, and the ability to separate targets as close as 2 inches apart. It comes with a quick-disconnect system; no need for plug-in cables. Now that’s sonar._ $200; 334-687-6613; www.humminbird.com_

[BRACKET “3”] Garmin MapSource US Topo 24K
These MapSource CD-ROMs let you load highly detailed topographic data for most U.S. national parks, national forests, and recreational areas into handheld Garmin GPS devices with mapping capabilities. The data display is comparable to 1:24,000 scale paper charts-the most detailed digital imaging available-enabling you to easily navigate a backcountry fishing trip by landmarks. Surface contours, elevations, and other features are included in the database. Separate editions cover Western, Eastern, and Central regions. $116; 913-397-8200;

[BRACKET “4”] Speedtech Angler’s Edge
Plus You need real-time data, not guesswork, to plan when to fish-when the fish are willing, that is. This handy little computer assesses the main variables that affect fish behavior related to feeding-sun and moon phases, barometric pressure, and changing weather-and then makes four-hour forecasts about fish activity (i.e., how lucky you might get). The unit takes barometric pressure samples every 15 minutes, and the sun-and-moon phase clock is preset for the next 45 years. _$124; 800-421-1223; _