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Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Tipton Action and Chamber Cleaning Kit
Clean rifles make happy shooters. This handy, inexpensive kit is light enough to take along with you into the woods. Or stow it in the truck as a backup to your home equipment. Put the cotton cleaning swabs to work on the action of your deer rifle, then use the chamber mop to clean out the gunk you can’t see but that can mess up your shooting just the same. $8; 573-446-3857;

**2. Azen Neo Lighter **
Drop this lighter in the water or bounce it off the rocks, and it will still burn with a flame that withstands 25-mile-per-hour winds to get the campfire going or to light a celebratory cigar. The Lexan-armored Neo features a steel-wire safety lock that seals out moisture, and a see-through fuel window. In aqua, amber, and forest, with a neck cord. $10; 604-270-9000;

3. Eze-Lap Arrow Sharp
Maximize penetration with the Eze-Lap Arrow Sharp broadhead sharpener. Two sets of particle pads-one at the correct angle for two- and four-blade designs, the other for three-let you quickly put a razor edge on any broadhead. This handy little tool also has an extra hone for knives and fishhooks, and a built-in broadhead wrench. $13; 775-888-9555; www.

4. Energizer Hard Case Flashlight
You can never have too many flashlights-for the boat, the basement, the camper, and the cabin-especially ones that can endure a little abuse, clumsiness, and wetness. The Hard Case fills that role to a T: It is waterproof, floats, survives 15-foot drops, and has a shatterproof lens surrounded by a rubber armor housing. Takes two D-cells. $20; 800-383-7323;

**5. Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink **
For the man who likes to keep clean in the woods, the Sea to Summit sink unfolds to hold over 21/2 gallons of water, yet packs down to a fist-size wad in its own stuff sack. The PVC-coated nylon sink is great for cleaning gear or your hands, and lets you haul water back to camp from a nearby source. $20; 702-240-1600;

6. Henkel Duck Tape Tube
Face it: America is held together with duct tape. Packed in a clear plastic tube, these five colored rolls total 20 yards of tough duct tape, enough to fix almost anything-rod handles, engine hoses, or tents. The assortment includes blue, red, yellow, green, and even blaze orange for patching hunting vests and deer gear. Get two; they’re cheap. $6; 800-321-0253;

7. Luhr-Jensen Lure Carving Kit
For the do-it-yourself type comes the do-it-yourself lure kit from Luhr-Jensen. With the five unfinished pine bodies provided, you can create those killer patterns you dreamed up but can’t find in factory-made lures. The kit has all the necessary hooks, props, eyes, and painting instructions. (Paint and finish are not included.) $15; 541-386-3811;

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