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Field & Stream Online Editors

Florida native Tim Anderson has guided for largemouth bass at Florida’s Bienville Plantation since 1996. He won Angler of the Year four times in the last 10 B.A.S.S.-sanctioned Baker County Bassmaster tournaments. “If I were still a single guy, I’d try to get into the pro circuit full-time,” he says. “But I like going to my kids’ ball games now.” His one-day guiding record for boated fish is 120 largemouths.

I use All Star rods, usually a 7-foot model for all my flipping, cranking, and worm fishing. It has a very smooth action but a nice, solid hookset.

**Reel **
Most of the time I use a Shimano Curado 200 B SF. It has great casting distance and durability and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. But sometimes I switch to an Ambassadeur 5500 C3 for flipping. Line I’ve tried every line, and I always go back to Stren. I love Stren because it’s so abrasion resistant and made with such consistency. I’ve never had a bad spool.

Soft Plastics
This is my favorite type of lure, and if I were only allowed two, I’d go with a Zoom Trick Worm in black or watermelon, and a Culprit fluke worm in a red shad pattern. I rig these Texas-style, usually with very light weights or none at all. Then I can fish all day.

**Crankbaits **
A Rat-L-Trap in chromium blue or Lucky Craft Moonsault CB 100 in a chartreuse shad pattern-these color choices are key for Florida bass.

**Spinnerbaits **
Strike King spinnerbaits are usually less expensive, and I’ve had good luck with them. I like Terminators, too, though the mudfish tear them up.

My Ranger 1997 R80 Sport is a part of the family. It’s got a 175 Mercury and has never failed me. Its stability and performance in the water are fantastic.

Contacts: Abu Garcia/Pure Fishing: 800-228-4272;** All Star Rods:** 281-855-9603; Culprit/Classic Fishing Products: 407-656-6133;** Lucky Craft: 800-270-3117; **Ranger Boats: 870-453-2222;** Rat-L-Trap:** 800-633-4861; Shimano: 877-577-0600;** Stren:** Strike King: 901-853-1455; Zoom: