Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

1. Cowboy Airgrip Pac
For western mountain guides and lumberjacks, White’s Custom Boots are practically indispensable. Elk hunters will feel the same way about these classic felt pacs, crafted by hand in Spokane, Washington. They slip easily into saddle stirrups (something that few pac boots do), and because they’re 14 inches tall, the snow stays on the mountain, not in your socks. Inside is a removable 9mm liner. A wide heel provides great stability. After years of hard use, send them back to White’s to be rebuilt._ $182; 800-541-3786; _

**2. Danner Pronghorn Camohide GTX **
These may be the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. Extraordinarily light, they needed no break-in time and were perfect for long upland marches.

The inner construction features a comfortable insole, moisture- removing mesh, and a very supportive midsole that absolutely cradles your foot. A generously padded tongue, indestructible locking laces, and a Gore-Tex lining keep you dry in classic Danner quality. A steal. _$180; 800-345-0430; www. _

3. Sorel Glacier Extreme 100 Pac Boots
No, they aren’t pretty, lightweight, or good for long walks. That said, they will keep your feet warm in the most intense cold. These hardcore boots are rated for 100 below zero with a 2.5mm felt frost barrier above the sole; a drawstring nylon upper snow barrier; and a wicking-insulating felt bootie and a midsole liner (both removable). $90; 503-985-4001;

4. LaCrosse Alpha Burly SporT
Knee-high rubber boots don’t get much more comfortable than these. They have a soft fleece liner, a flexible neoprene body, and a tough rubber outer layer to keep water out and provide good support. They’re perfect for hunting riverbottom bucks, but you’ll probably want them back in the field come spring turkey season._ $98; 800-365-4933; www.lacrossefootwear.com_

**5. Cabela’s Kangaroo GTX **
Pinnacle Tough kangaroo leather wears well against sharp rocks but is still exceptionally flexible and easy to break in. A breathable Gore-Tex lining and 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation will keep you dry and warm. With a cushy removable footbed, and at a weight of about a pound and a half apiece, these boots feel like tennis shoes but are perfect for far-ranging hunters. _$150; 800-237-4444; _