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Field & Stream Online Editors

Match this consistent shooter with a small-diameter shaft and a stable broadhead for deep penetration

Hoyt XTEC With a unique cam system, short parallel limbs, and a longish riser, the 35-inch Hoyt XTEC is designed for low recoil and accurate shooting. It’s built around Hoyt’s unusual reflex TEC riser and features a limb pocket stabilization system and 1/2-inch split limbs. The IBO speed rating is 310 fps. This is one of the most comfortable and consistently accurate hunting bows I’ve shot in some time. $750¿¿¿$800; 801-363-2990;

Easton axis H.I.T. This carbon shaft features a new insert system (Hidden Insert Technology) created for small-diameter carbon shafts and most broadheads. Slightly recessed inserts put the broadhead shank directly against the inside diameter of the carbon arrow shaft for quick, nearly perfect alignment. The superstraight shaft is smaller in diameter than standard “fat” carbon arrows, allowing it to penetrate deeply. $90¿¿¿$100 per dozen; 801-539-1400;

Barrie Archery Turbo The new 100-grain Turbo is a replaceable-blade head with a 11/8-inch cutting diameter and a bidirectional blade design that matches up with either right- or left-handed offset and helical fletching. The offset design gives the broadhead increased rotational stability for superb accuracy. $20 for three; 507-835-3859;

This package will generate a lot of arrow speed at a low draw weight and length

** BowTech Ladyhawk** Too often, women and other small-framed hunters have to put up with bows that lack power. Not with the BowTech LadyHawk: It has a draw-weight range between 30 and 60 pounds and reaches an IBO speed rating of 262 to 270 fps at a 26-inch draw length (minimum draw is 20 inches). The 29-inch axle-to-axle length and 7-inch brace height produces dependable accuracy. It weighs just 2 pounds 12 ounces, with either a 65 or 80 percent let-off. $499; 888-689-1289;

Carbon Force Radial X Weave Hunter Five layers of interwoven radial fibers in the Carbon Force Radial X Weave Hunter provide high tensile strength and, above all, consistency. This shaft has the durability to go several seasons and survive a couple of kills. Choose the 100- or 200-size shafts to keep weight down and ensure stable flight. $60 per dozen; 800-477-7789;

Muzzy 100-Grain 3-Blade The proven Muzzy broadhead is built around their hollow-ground Trocar Tip, modeled after medieval arrow tips made to penetrate chain mail. This updated design brings together three razor-sharp, stainless-steel blades in a wide 13/16-inch cutting diameter, via a unique system of locking the blades into the ferrule for incredible strength. $34 for three; 770-387-9300;

Superforgiving of flaws in your form, this combo throws a tough shaft and strong broadhead for bone-crushing performance

PSE Mach 12 A modular Centerfire single-cam and a shooter-friendly 38-inch axle-to-axle length make the new PSE Mach 12 a fine choice for both release users and finger shooters. It’s loaded with high-tech features that boil down to two critical results: quiet harmonics and smooth shooting. It has an IBO speed rating of 318 fps and comes standard with 80 percent let-off that’s adjustable to 65 percent._ $700; 800-477-7789; www.pse-archery.com_

**Carbon Express CX Hunter **The Carbon Express CX Hunter is a multidirectional wrapped carbon shaft, a design that makes it as tough as hemp rope. Its new “Buff Tuff” construction embeds a special fiber into the carbon wrap, resulting in a supersmooth finish that improves the aerodynamics and won’t wear off._ $125 per dozen; 8800-241-4833; www.carbonexpressarrows.com_

G5 Montec This three-blade G5 Montec is made to be bone-cutting strong at high speed. It has a one-piece “head to thread” stainless-steel construction, multitapered resharpenable (not replaceable) blades, and dependable accuracy. You’d be hard pressed to find a tougher head. $34 for three; 866-456-8836;

This smooth-shooting bow zips a heavy arrow with great flight characteristics

Darton Typhoon Extreme If you’re new to bowhunting, the Darton Typhoon Extreme is a great choice. Its size (37 inches from axle to axle) balances nicely for a wide range of adult body sizes. And it shoots so smoothly that you can get away with a few minor flaws in form. The proprietary cam system ensures level nock travel, aiding consistency, and the integral dampening system cuts shock and noise._ $660; 989-728-4231; www.dartonarchery.com_

Carbon Tech CT Rhino XP This heavy carbon shaft is ideal for big-time penetration on big game. The XP version has tighter straightness tolerances for consistent performance._ $175 per dozen; 916-641-8088; www.carbontecharrows.com_

**Sullivan Innerloc Stainless Extreme **These superstrong replaceable-blade heads are secured into the aluminum ferrule by means of a patented center-locking system. Three .02-inch stainless-steel blades and a replaceable, bone-cutting chisel tip create a 11/8-inch cutting diameter._ $34 for three; 706-782-5863; www.innerloc.com_