Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

[BRACKET “1”] ****Storm WildEye Jigging Soft Minnow
This holographic minnow is tricked out with a tail hook and a dangling treble. With all jigging minnows, jiggling, which is more subtle than the usual sharp yank, gets more bites in icy water. $5 for four; 952-933-7060;

[BRACKET “2”] ****Nils Master Lahti
This Scandinavian import is one of the original thick-bodied jigging minnows, but the catch is in the dropper, which resembles a jewelry chain. Bait it with a wiggler or minnow piece. The jig draws the fish in; the dropper gets them. $4; 802-658-1070;

[BRACKET “3”] Rapala Jigging Shad Rap
Rapala’s new vertical ice lure has a beefy 2-inch, 1/8-ounce shad body, sized appropriately for double duty on perch and walleyes. Attach it to your line with a loop knot or a plain snap to give the Rap a pendulum action that keeps on swinging even after you stop jigging. $5; 952-933-7060;

[BRACKET “4”] Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon
The size, shape, brass rattle chamber, and cool holographic color patterns (11 of them) make this spoon deadly. It comes in a variety of sizes and will catch perch, walleyes, pike, and lake trout._ $4; 218-751-6723; www.northlandfishingtackle.com_