Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

Our fishing editor picks the greatest new gear seen at this year’s Fly-Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo 1. Hardy Cascapedia MkII
Here’s my pick for the world’s sexiest fly reel. The Cascapedia echoes the design of classics like Vom Hofe, Bogdan and, of course, Hardy, with its S-shaped handle and red-dotted drag indicator on the back plate. Formerly a limited edition, the Cascapedia is now in Hardy’s general line. Four sizes take line weights 2 through 11 with backing. It’s pricey but very nice indeed. $795¿¿¿$1,150; 607-756-2851;

2. Echo Fly Rod
Tim Rajeff is a superlative caster, and it’s no surprise that the value-priced Echo fly rods from his Rajeff Sports outdoor company are just plain great casting rods. Top gun among them is his fast, 9-foot, 5-weight “ultimate distance” rod with which you’ll find out how good you really are. Thirteen four-piece models cover line weights 3 through 10. $150; 866-347-4359;

3. Cabela’s LSR Reels
The new LSR reels from Cabela’s are a noteworthy combination of function and value. Five sizes carry line weights 0 through 10 with backing on fully machined, lightweight large-arbor spools backed by a carbon-fiber center-disc drag. $135¿¿¿$155; 800-237-4444;

4. Albright Tempest Reels
Tempest-series reels, featuring cork-based disc drags, are superbly machined with no sharp edges anywhere. A wide-spool, large-arbor design carries plenty of backing on four models for line weights 5 through 10. $295¿¿¿$370; 866-359-7335;

** 5. Echo Reels **
These may be one of the best values in a functional, large-arbor fly reel. Danish-made Echo reels are molded from graphite composite for strength and light weight. Two models each feature smooth Teflon-based drags and sealed bearings. $70; 866-347-4359;

6. Sage TXL Rods
This series of fast-action, light-line rods offers the most fun you can have on a small stream. At 17/8 ounces, the 00-weight version may be the lightest fly rod for its length ever made. $500; 800-533-3004; www.sageflyfishcom.

** 7. Cabela’s lst rods **
I recently fished these rods and was truly amazed. Nicely finished and light, they’re an exceptional value. $150; 800-237-4444;

Loomis takes the rapidly growing use of two-handed fly rods a giant step forward with 24 new models designed around specific casting techniques. $410¿¿¿$930; 800-456-6647;

This six-piece is the most portable among the newly popular two-handed fly rods. Three fast-action models cover 6- through 11-weight lines. $440¿¿¿$500; 360-225-9436;

10. Temple fork outfitters two-handed rods
For surf-and-jetty striper guys, the hottest new rod is this 12-weight, 12-foot two-hander. It will throw a heavy shooting head into next week. $300; 800-638-9052;