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If missing a stock-still gobbler at point-blank range seems impossible, you probably haven’t been hunting turkeys for very long. Pull the trigger on enough toms and you’ll eventually whiff.

With today’s Extra Full chokes delivering supertight patterns, missed shots are more likely than ever. The solution is to forsake the point-and-shoot mentality of the shotgunner, and adopt the aim-and-squeeze discipline of a marksman. And the quickest and best way to do so is to outfit your shotgun with sights. Here are the three types to consider:

Open Sights In the often low-light conditions of early-morning turkey hunts, open sights that incorporate light-gathering fiber optics are best. Typically they consist of a single front bead and a pair of rear beads, forcing the shooter to keep his cheek on the stock to align the three beads. Easily installed on most barrels, open sights can be adjusted for patterning and are easy on the wallet.

Red-Dot Sights These sights use battery power to project a single, illuminated dot within a sighting tube, although some models now feature reticles. Their great advantage: lack of parallax. Once sighted in, the red-dot sight will put your pattern wherever the red dot (or reticle) is trained, even if you lift your cheek off the gun’s stock.

Scopes With the obvious advantages of light-gathering capabilities and magnification, scopes designed for turkey hunting should have relatively low power, typically from 1X to 5X. A small, lightweight model is all you need, and a wide field of view helps you get on a gobbler quickly at close range or in tight cover.

Below are three quality sights sure to improve your turkey gun’s accuracy. **1. HiViz Tom Buster II **
_Configuration: One illuminated Light Pipe in front; two in the rear
Features: Metal construction; fully adjustable; screw mounts on most ventilated ribs
Price: $25
Comments: Light Pipes are ultrabright and interchangeable, allowing shooters to customize colors. It’s a simple, low-cost way to improve your aim.

**2. Bushnell Holosight **
Power Source: Two AA batteries
Sight Image: Single red dot or dot-in-circle reticle pattern
Brightness Settings: 20
Features: Unlimited eye relief and field of view; dovetail mounts; low-battery warning
Price: $280
Comments: Sleek, unobtrusive, and user-friendly, the Holosight is perfect for shotgunners not accustomed to using optic sights.

**3. Nikon Monarch TurkeyPro **
Magnification: 1.5X¿¿¿4.5X
Field of View (1.5X@100 yd.): 50.3 feet
Features: Reticle acts as a rangefinder (when the gobbler’s head fills the middle circle he’s at 40 yards); coated lenses; fog-, water-, and shockproof tube; comes in Realtree Hardwoods
Price: $280
Comments: The TurkeyPro is parallax-adjusted to 50 yards for true point of impact at common turkey ranges. Scope comes with a lifetime warranty.