Field & Stream Online Editors
Field & Stream Online Editors

**[BRACKET “1”] MSR Miox Water Purifier **
To rid large quantities of water of all harmful pathogens, just add a thimbleful of pond or creek water to the salt tablet in the cigar-size Miox’s reservoir, shake, and press a button to create an electrically charged brine. Pour this into as many as 4 quarts of water and wait (30 minutes to kill Giardia and a thirsty four hours for Cryptosporidium). $130; 800-531-9531;

**[BRACKET “2”] AntiGravityGear Mama’s Kitchen **
This pair of nonstick aluminum pots fits snugly into ingeniously simple foil-and-plastic cozies that keep hot food piping hot-a big plus for cooking on a one-burner stove. Mama’s Kitchen includes 2-quart and 3-cup pots with cozies, lids, and a removable handle-all of which packs neatly into the 2-quart cozy and weighs a total of 131/2 ounces. $38; 910-794-3308;

**[BRACKET “3”] PaleyBar **
Energy bars are perfect camp food. Light and easy to pack, they provide a lot of nutrients and fuel to keep you fishing. Problem is, most of them taste terrible. Not PaleyBars. They’re made by Oregon chef Vitaly Paley, who values flavor as much as performance. They contain organic fruits and no artificial ingredients. Available in four flavors._ $2; 503-243-2403; _

**[BRACKET “4”] Leatherman Juice **
Wilderness camping without a multitool is like car camping without a Coleman stove-you should be required to have one. Besides, Leatherman’s latest is ideal for a lightweight fishing foray. Compact and beautifully crafted, the Juice CS4 packs all the standard tools, plus scissors to cut fishing line and an extra-small screwdriver for reel repair. _$65; 800-847-8665; _

[BRACKET “5”] Brunton My-Ti Titanium Flatwear
Stop stealing forks and spoons from the kitchen to use on your camping trips. These titanium utensils are superlight-only 1.7 ounces-but extremely tough. They won’t rust, melt, or bend, so go ahead and use them on your buddy’s tough-as-leather camp cooking. A mini-carabiner keeps them all together._ $20; 800-443-4871; brunton.com_

**[BRACKET “6”] Ultimate Survival Deluxe Tool Kit **
This little black box contains all the gear you need if your trip goes bad. A hand-operated chain saw will keep you in firewood. A magnesium-and-steel striker creates a superhot shower of sparks, and special tinder burns even when wet. A signal mirror and whistle can summon help when you can’t hack it anymore. $70; 888-237-3239;