Cartridge wallet
Tom Morrisson

cartridge wallet

Open Wallet
** For hunters who love their guns, here’s a cartridge wallet to love, too. This holder is custom molded by hand to exact calibers from fine saddle-skirting leather. (Five- and six-shot wallets are also available.) $35; 801-562-2486;

Sticks for Stones
** Shooting sticks get you a steady shot on the rockiest terrain. These come in two sizes-for sitting and standing-and fold up to fit into belt pouches (16 and 17¿¿ inches long). $30¿¿¿$46; 800-635-7656;

Cooler Fishing
** If this bobber takes a dive, don’t expect a lunker, just a buddy raiding your drinks. Tether it to your boat or dock. $35; 866-869-8115;

Hi-Tech Cotton
[**](javascript:makePopWin(“/fieldstream/geartest_mar_06/simmsshirt_lg.jpg”,300, 450)) The 3XDry finish gives this shirt all the water- and dirt-repelling magic of synthetics. $50; 406-585-3557;

Camo It!
** Forget tape. Camo Form is a self-cling fabric wrap that leaves no residue and is reusable. $15; 360-671-2227;

X Box
** Streamline your vest with the waterproof, floating System X. The case holds nymphs (plus indicators and shot) on one side and dry flies on the reverse. $22; 800-420-5000;

Don’t Spare the Rod
** There’s a wall in St. Croix’s headquarters posted with glory shots of proud rod owners. It’s that kind of company. Now, they offer Triumph, a spinning series built to their rigorous standards at a nice price. $50¿¿¿$70; 715-762-3226;