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Caribou Hunt Pack List

CLOTHES * Insulated day pack with room for the follwoing items. * An insulated vest and gloves * Warm hat * Water bottle * Rain suit * Bug dope

Weather changes fast and can switch from warm and sunny to cold rain, sleet, or snow momentarily. Plan to dress in changeable layers.

ARMS & OPTICS * RIFLE: Most caribou are killed at relatively short range, even though the open country permits long shots. Any rifle of .243 caliber or larger is permitted (.270 to .30/06 are most popular). * SCOPE: Scopes should be 4X to 9X and sighted for 150 yards. * BINOCULARS: Lightweight 7X to 9X binoculars are very helpful for spotting caribou at long distance and for assessing antlers when choosing your target.

EXTRAS * Caribou country is rocky, wet, and slippery. Comfortable lace-up, insulated, waterproof boots with rugged soles are preferred for hill walking. * I nsulated knee-high rubber boots are useful when hunting from boats. * You’ll need a sleeping bag rated to zero degrees.